Your Hearing Loss May Be “Normal” For Your Age, But It’s Still Time To Address It

Although hearing loss is a normal part of aging, today we challenge the myth that as we age we should simply accept our declining ability to hear.

At Hear for Life, we are often surprised by the number of people who fail to address their hearing loss because they believe that hearing loss is just “normal” for their age. If your eyesight was deteriorating, you’d never opt out of a pair of glasses just because your declining eyesight might be natural at your age.  We live in a world of technology that is constantly changing, and in many ways developing to address new challenges and making our lives easier and better.  Today’s hearing aid technology can do just that, and every day it becomes increasingly more accessible, user-friendly and effective at treating even the highest levels of hearing loss.

While we acknowledge that hearing loss absolutely occurs frequently throughout the senior population (of 80,000 Americans surveyed, 30% of people over 60 reported a hearing loss[1]), this isn’t a reason to neglect to get it treated – especially when a hearing loss can cause social isolation that is entirely preventable. Hearing loss hinders the ability to communicate; people become unable to participate in group conversations, unable to stay in touch with family members by phone, and even become less able to have real, meaningful conversations with those who are closest.  This can cause anger, frustration, and increased silence until they can no longer effectively participate in the world around them, which in turn can cause isolation and depression.  But it’s all preventable!  Hearing aids are an effective solution for 90-95% of instances of hearing loss![2]  Wouldn’t you want to take this route of action and stop these consequences of hearing loss before they even occur?

Hearing loss may be a normal part of aging, but it’s still a medical issue that should be actively treated.  

If you have a hearing loss, we at Hear for Life encourage you to be proactive and learn about the most effective treatment for you, so you can stay involved with and connected to the people you love.  Because honestly, what’s more important than that? To speak with a Hearing Expert nearest you, call or visit one of our clinics today!


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