Is It Time For A Hearing Test?

Here are some tips to help you know when and why it’s time for a hearing test.

Commonly enough, screening or checking your hearing isn’t part of your annual check-up with your family doctor. So, “when and why should I get my hearing tested?” you may ask. Well, we highly recommend scheduling an annual hearing tests if you fall into one (or more) of the following three categories:

1) You are 55 years of age or older

Once you are 55 years old, we generally recommend that you have your hearing tested annually or in conjunction with your other doctor visits. A decline in your hearing is a natural part of aging, and if hearing loss is detected in its earliest stages, you and your hearing healthcare professional will be much better equipped to address and manage the loss in the future. If your test results are positive for hearing loss, you may not need a hearing aid right away, but you’ll have the information needed to maintain your hearing health and take appropriate action as you go forward.

2) You’ve had consistent exposure to loud noise through work or in recreation

Prolonged noise exposure is one of the main causes of hearing loss. Workplace environments that can cause a noise-induced hearing loss include construction sites, factories, military service, the music industry, or large, enclosed sports stadiums. If you have had significant prior exposure to noise or are still working with noise on a daily basis, it’s especially necessary to test your hearing annually.

3) You exhibit any signs or symptoms of a hearing loss

In this case, it’s important to have your hearing tested every year. Initial signs of a hearing loss can include the following:

  • The feeling that people constantly mumble or don’t speak clearly
  • Often having to ask people to speak up or repeat themselves
  • Difficulty following conversations in busy settings (restaurants, malls, parties, etc.)
  • Difficulty following group conversations
  • Difficulty hearing people on the telephone
  • Others frequently commenting that your television or radio is too loud

Any one of these signs can signal a hearing loss, even among children to middle-aged adults. It’s also important to note that more often it is the close friends or relatives who recognize the initial stages of a hearing loss than the people with hearing loss themselves. No matter your age, if you or someone close to you suspects that you may have a hearing loss, it’s best to have your hearing tested. At Hear for Life, all hearing tests are complementary – so why wait?

And, if you are already wearing hearing aids, it’s still important to have your hearing tested on a yearly basis. Hearing changes over time, and so it’s necessary to ensure that your hearing aids are still effectively addressing your hearing loss. Even if you purchased your hearing aids elsewhere, you can book your next hearing test with Hear for Life, and our specialists will be able to reprogram and service your hearing aids based on your newest test results.

If you still need a reason to go for your annual hearing test, here are three great reasons why you should get your hearing tested.

Hearing Tests Are Free At Hear for Life.

Our organization offers free hearing tests because we believe that checking your hearing is too important to be hindered by a fee. You can have your hearing tested complimentary at any of our clinics throughout Ontario, so why not book your appointment today?

Hearing Aids Aren’t What They Used To Be.

If your hearing test reveals a hearing loss significant enough where hearing aids can help, it opens up a world of selection for you; from stylish to invisible, simple to tech-savvy, there are so many interesting products available to help you hear better now and in the future. We like the analogy of eyeglasses here. Once you know you need them, you get to browse through various styles until you’ve found the ones that suit you best. With hearing aids, you’re getting even more; today’s models are mini computers, with different settings for different environments, and the option to connect to all the technology you use in your life, from your television to your smartphone.

You Don’t Want To Wait.

We’ve left the  most important for last. An undetected and untreated hearing loss only gets worse with time. The longer you go without hearing aids when you have a hearing loss, the less practice your brain receives when converting sound into speech. Your brain is like a muscle, if you don’t use it, you lose it. An untreated hearing loss in its early stages will generally require more basic (and generally less expensive) hearing aids, and wearing those hearing aids right from the start will help slow the decline of your hearing too.

So, is it time for a hearing test? If you fall into one of the three categories listed above, it’s time to schedule a hearing test today. Maintaining your hearing health is just another aspect of continuing to live well physically and mentally, so just as you visit your doctor and other specialists for regular screenings, visit your hearing healthcare professionals for annual appointments as well. At Hear for Life, we’ll work with you to monitor and maintain your hearing health now and in the future.